Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Increasing evidence of insanity continue to emanate from the halls of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, causing numerous psychiatric sources to opine about the NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) president, who having accomplished nothing but installing a retrograde Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, struts and prances around the living quarters in his bathrobe and pajamas, tweeting crude insults to members of the media, especially women, and ranting at his staff while going from TV to TV.   Sallying forth with embarrassing lies and pronouncements, preparing for his 2020 campaign by conducting rallies among his unenlightened followers, instead of governing, having failed to appoint mid level bureaucrats, leaves the government to flounder about, like a grouper just fished out of the water lying on a deck waiting to be disemboweled and served for dinner.

And now the mad king goes to the G 20 summit, unprepared, because he does not read briefing papers, or meet with staff.   Be prepared, Donald, to have your lunch eaten.

Enter Vladimir Putin, an evil kleptocratic KGB murderer, who denies all interference in our elections, and prepares to meet Donald Trump.   What will they discuss?   How to fire Robert Mueller or dump him in the Potomac?  Perhaps feed him some polonium-laden tea?   How to keep the Russian investments in Trump bankruptcies secret, saving the Donald's financial empire?  Oh, of course, for public consumption, they might discuss the US having shot down a Syrian warplane about to drop barrel bombs on children and how the US is to handle the North Koreans, etc.   But that story is for "losers," or "neudachniks," if you prefer the Russian transliteration.   Nothing will come of it, save some public blather.

Putin really knows how to deal and steal.   Rosneft, the Russian oil company/money laundry is a creation of Russian kleptocrats of whom Putin is the capo de tutti capi, ostensibly richer than Bill Gates, Carlos Slim and Warren Buffet combined.  The difference, of course, is that Putin's money has been made by stealing from others and murdering his critics, including journalists, financiers, and business adversaries, either sending them to watery graves in the Volga or serving them the aforementioned tea.  Oh, I forgot, having some of them riddled with bullets near the Kremlin wall.  

Trump will be attending Putin University at any meeting with a man who has an 80% approval rating in his own country, unlike the feckless Donald who is sinking fast, around 38%.  Imagine that, Russia with a failing one trick (oil and gas) economy having such a soaring approval rating?

Could it be the control of the state television, the newspapers, the Internet that might be helping with this?    Are Russian muziks dumber than Trump voters?  Less informed?  Hard to believe, since only 20% of American voters follow politics at all.  They actually believe that Trump is going to send them back to the coalmines, making America great again.   And after all, this notion, this appeal to nostalgia is a powerful seductive slogan for an empty headed, pandering con man.  He knows how to run a reality show, after all.   Donald is all about America in the 50s and 60s, and judging by his cabinet members, Scott Pruitt, Rick Perry and Betsy De Voss, a segregated, white revanchist America is on their distorted agenda.   The 50s were peaceful under Eisenhower, but social progress was limited to the white middle industrial class, now being replaced by a mélange of color and immigrant diversity and robotics rendering America a new frontier of technology.   Immigration policies that wish to stifle this aspiration to greatness is doomed, an illusory fantasy cloud crafted by a mad hatter immersed in the wonderland of his own narcissism.

And the loss of healthcare for millions of Americans as a right not an earned benefit, is a non-starter except for retrograde luddites like Mitch McConnell, a politician that makes Machiavelli wiggle with delight in his 15th century grave.  Paul Ryan, the other power broker of the GOP sees only lower taxes, caring nothing about the American experience.  Whichever way the wind blows is fine with him.  Unprincipled cowards, both.

Oh America.  It is the fourth of July.  The founding fathers are recoiling from the 18th century compromises that founded the country.  Thomas Jefferson is wondering how science, one of his main passions, aside from impregnating slaves, is being thwarted by the likes of Rick Perry, and Scott Pruitt, who is forcing forward his climate denialist agenda, rolling back rules diminishing pollution and lead in the water.  

Theodore Roosevelt called these hombres malefactors of great wealth.  Well folks, they are in control of our government, and it will be years before we can get back to where we need to be.

The Madness of King Donald is on full display, with the help of the GOP and its pusillanimous leadership.  At least when America was great there were great leaders in the Congress, who thought beyond blind partisanship.


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  2. David,

    It does little good to try to formulate a diagnosis for someone the diagnostician has not evaluated. And besides, what difference does it make? To some of us, it was obvious that there was something wrong with Trump, and some of us had a rough idea what it was. But he got elected, because others of us couldn't see it, and didn't care. A core of them (30-something percent?) still don't get it or care. Is Trump "mad," or is he a sociopath or a narcissist, or just a criminal and a shyster? What difference does it make? Do you know how many psychiatrists it takes to change a light bulb? Only one, but the light bulb has to want to change. Are you holding your breath, waiting for Trump to conclude that he has a problem? So far, he's gotten from life everything he wanted. So what's his problem? That it's always at the expense of other people, and that he makes himself look like an idiot and a clown? Yeah, so?

    And Trump is not about the America of the '50s or '60s, or anything else. He's just about himself. He doesn't choose his cabinet. He chose Bannon and Jared, and maybe a couple of his pals from Wall St. They figure out whom to recommend for anything else. Trump has no idea what he's doing, and he doesn't care. He accomplished all of his goals the day he got elected. He has no further interest.

    The other thing about the Eisenhower years is the expansion we experienced in "infrastructure." It was the Eisenhower years that resulted in the interstate highway system. The top tax rate under Eisenhower was about 90%, for the highest earners, who could pay it. You're not holding your breath, are you? Trump will give us either nothing, which is most likely, or an increased debt, Reagan-style, which is also pretty likely.

    What got us into this mess is not the madness of Donald Trump. It was the madness of weak-minded and nonsensical Americans, who voted for him, and weak Republican Congresspeople, who keep enabling him and propping him up.

  3. I do not agree, Fred, it does make a difference. Americans voted for him because of their cultural divisions and gullibility, falling for his con game. He thinks Americans believe that the good old days were great, because people fail to remember the bad, only the good.
    Trump will be impeached or resign. The investigation will reveal his violations of the emoluments clause, collusion, or worse, maybe even treason. And he does care. He must continue to win.

    1. I agree with you that there's a chance Trump will quit or get fired. But I still don't see what difference it makes if he has a "diagnosis," and what it is. His "fitness" to be president will be a political matter, not a medical one. And if someone imagined the latter, what mental health professional is going to evaluate him, and on whose consent?
      It's a blind path, David. Think about something else.

      Impeachment is a terrible thing for the country. It should be reserved for people who corrupt or undermine the system, as Nixon did, and probably Trump, too. It has no place as a means of confronting a president who cheats on his wife. Or who's a hopeless wiseass and grossly immature moron.

      We have to remember that we have a system, and it is to be respected. Our system allows for the elevation of a candidate who did not win the majority of the popular vote. It's a technicality, yes, but it's our system, and in 200+ years, no one has changed it. "We" have objected to Trump from the moment of his winning the election, as "they" similarly objected to Obama. I think Congress is right not to try to impeach, yet, but they're wrong not to launch concertedly and powerfully into an investigation of Trump's possible collusion and subversion. And it doesn't matter whether that possible collusion and subversion is based in psychopathology, or just the kind of person with Trump's, and others', ambition.

      I used to testify in front of a judge who once asked "does everyone have a personality disorder, or are some people just jerks?" It's a good and interesting question.

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