Sunday, January 27, 2019

Nancy at the gates.

Welcome to another week of Trump world.  Trump surrendered to, of all things, a woman.  A powerful one at that. Pelosiwoman! Faster than a speeding bullet, able to pontificate to the President of the United States in a single bound, tougher than nails, the woman of steel, pledged to defend the American way. 

The government is open for the time being.

There she was in the Oval office in her green dress, looking regal, all but missing a crown, speaking for a strong Democratic majority in the House of Representatives, finally a coequal branch of government again, able to stand up to the Lex Luthor of presidents, whose Kryptonite had all but paralyzed his Republican minions in the Senate and the sniveling Paul Ryan House.  

Paul has been banished to snow-covered, freezing Wisconsin, a former somebody who turned out to be a nobody. A man whose pretense of independence from the wicked Lex Luthor/Individual 1 presidential impersonator was thinly disguised by his aura of a baby face and sparkling blue eyes, a sort of Shirleytempleman defrocked from his Obamacare destroying, Medicare privatization, entitlement demolishing, trickle down agenda, all in service of a deficit exploding trillion-dollar tax cut. But hey, why should poor people who pay no taxes not be relegated to homelessness?  After all, society owes them nothing. Let them eat cake. Good thing Paul is gone, he would be in a tumbrel headed for the widowmaker.

And let us not forget Mitch McConnell, the turkey-necked loathsome impresario of the Senate, known for his refusal to allow a vote for Merrick Garland and his plot to make Barack Obama a one-term president.  Mitch now finds himself hostage to Pelosiwoman as well.  He will be powerless to prevent his soon to be former Trumpist GOP colleagues from jumping off the rat-infested barge of incompetence. Now brought low by Lex Luthor’s plot to shut down the government over a diabolical wall, he is feeling the slings and arrows of a small minority-supported wall designed to inflame racial hatred.  Keep out those poor Honduran children who will not make America great again.

What of 800,000 hard working federal employees who needed their pay checks, ordered to work without pay, and in some cases be fired if they did not work in indentured servitude, needing to meet their mortgage payments, food bills and living expenses?  Well, Lex calls them “patriotic heroes” sacrificing for their country, just as he does. Just like Ivanka, Jared and the other misanthropes of this tragic undertaking, like Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and the rest of the unseemly rogue’s gallery now surrounding Lex.

But wait.  Lex’s cohorts had trouble navigating the flight delays from Washington to New York, the optics of Air traffic controllers not showing up to work because they needed money and called in sick so they could bag groceries at Wall Mart or drive Ubers?  My goodness, what hath Lex wrought? How could Mitch get back to Kentucky to pacify his base?  What about Ted Cruz flying down to Dallas from Dulles?  Let’s agree to open the government!  In three weeks when the next Mueller indictment comes out, we can declare a national emergency to distract all the dumbass people who voted for me and are beginning to awaken to the con.

But now enter Pelosiwoman, Alexandriawoman, and others crying “let’s impeach the mother…ker.” 

Now the walls are really closing in on Lex.   Mueller will be issuing more indictments, Roger Stone, who says he will never testify against the President will be facing years in federal prison.  We will see about how that turns out.  Badly, for sure.  Despite his bravado yesterday, either Stone will flip or Stone will be nursing his Nixon tattoo in Leavenworth.  I think the flip eventually will come.   And the Donald will soon face indictments of Jared, Don, Jr. and perhaps even the plastic surgeon’s dream, Ivanka.

Buckle up America.  This will make “Survivor” look like a poor imitation of a reality show.

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